Industrial Services - Millenium Technical Sales

Industrial services provided by Millenium Technical Sales (Milltech) in partnership with D.E.S. Group.

Workholding Solutions, 

Lifting Solutions, 

Specialty Fasteners

Automated Industrial Systems Inc.

O-Ring and Seal installation

Torque control screwdrivers, workstation accessories,

production aids and precision fastening equipment

Ultrasonic metal welding – non ferrous metals

(copper, brass, aluminum etc..)

Hydra-pneumatic cylinders, servo press

actuators and complete press systems

Eddy current testing system & instruments. properties testing

(heat treat, alloy etc.) Crack and grinder burn detection

Precision link conveyors, cam driven & servo rotary

indexers, cam driven parts handling, torque limiters

Real time eddycurrent thread testing,

presence & quality verification